ArcPower 70 DRS, 200 DRS, 600 DRS

The Anolis ArcPower™ DRS (DIN RAIL SYSTEM) is a brand new range of products creating a system of both power supply and control for the extensive range of Anolis LED luminaries. By combining the latest LED driver technology and data protocols with the industry standard EN, IEC din rail mounting system, the ArcPower™ DRS provides a truly flexible and efficient range of options for bringing to life both the most simple and most sophisticated of lighting schemes. Separate power supply, control and output modules allow systems to be built to meet the precise requirements of the specified products, leading to greater ease of installation and higher system efficiency.

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Spotřeba energie

80W / 220W / 650W, +/-10%

Kontrolní systém

ArcControl DRS, ArcControl DRS Pixel

Rozměry (Š x V x H)

ArcPower 200 DRS – 211 x 128 x 83 mm, ArcPower 600 DRS – 266 x 128 x 83 mm, ArcPower 70 DRS – 161 x 128 x 83 mm


ArcPower 200 DRS – 1.2 kg, ArcPower 600 DRS – 1.7 kg, ArcPower 70 DRS – 0.8 kg

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