ArcSource Outdoor 4MC Pixel

The ArcSource Outdoor 4MC Pixel™ features all the benefi ts of the highly popular ArcSource Outdoor 4MC™, high light output, the latest multichip technology, precision optics, high IP Rating and versatile mounting. The stirrup now combined with Anolis’ excellent pixel control electronics makes this product even more versatile.

Individual colour/dimming control of each ArcSource Outdoor 4MC Pixel™ is now possible when connected to the ArcPixel Power™. Dynamic media style effects can be created and added to your landscape or facade installations.

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Další informace

Spotřeba energie

5.5 W / 48 V

Světelný zdroj

1 x 15W RGBW Multi-Chip LED

Barevné varianty

nastavitelná bílá, RBG + Bílá, teplá bílá

Úhel svícení

24°, 34°, 42°x7°, 7°, 7°x42°


50.000 hodin

Kontrolní systém

ArcPixel Power, DMX – N/A

Rozměry (Š x V x H)

64 x 114 x 90 mm


0,62 kg

IP krytí