Divine™ 160 RGBW

The Anolis Divine™ 160 is a high-performance 440W luminaire with phenomenal light output that can be used for a variety of architectural lighting scenarios including the application of dynamic colour changing effects to building exteriors and façades, or illuminating complete areas with subtle CCT controllable white light. The Divine™ is available in numerous configuration options including optics for flood or accent lighting. RGBW, SmartWhite or PureWhite in a variety of colour temperatures combined with different mounting options and accessories make Divine™ a truly flexible solution. A high IP rating of 67 and 5-year warranty underline the reliability required for the most demanding projects, be they permanent installations or temporary events. The compact size and low weight of the Divine™ combined with its adaptability make installation a smooth and streamlined process.

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Další informace

Spotřeba energie

440W, +/-10%

Světelný zdroj

40 x Multi-Chip LED

Barevné varianty

PURE bílá, RBG + Bílá, SMART bílá

Úhel svícení

Bílá – PURE, Bílá – SMART: 13°, 24°, 39°, RGBW: 16°, 24°, 41°


60.000 hodin

Kontrolní systém

ANOLIS světelné ovládání / DMX, DMX – WI-FI Lumen Radio CRMX

Rozměry (Š x V x H)

463 x 314 x 175/237 mm


13,3 kg

IP krytí

IP67 (Vhodné pro mokré umístění)